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10 ways to attract readers to your website – Hostgatorvps

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A website is imperative for any business. Your website is the initial connecting point of your customers to your business. It enables users to know about your business and make use of your products and services. Therefore your website should be appealing to your target audience to increase engagements and conversions. This article will outline the 10 ways to entice your readers with great contents.

Write powerful headlines

Powerful headlines will impress your users in real-time when they visit your website. Headlines of your site pages should be relevant to subject. Keep the headlines short and liable. Make sure to keep unique and compelling headlines so that it inspires your readers. Catchy headlines will provoke curiosity amongst your readers thereby your contents will be shared maximum.

Don’t overstuff keywords

Keywords are a crucial aspect of SEO. We agree that accurate keyword density is essential for ranking but overusing of keywords will ruin your SEO. Overstuffing of a particular again and again can annoy the web spiders when they crawl your page for indexing. It might be awful for your readers too is they see the same keyword many times.

Include author bio

Write author bio and include it on every blogs and post on your website. Create quality author bio with all basic information about the author. Clearly mention the name, designation, qualification and work history of the author. Writing original information about the author will create a trust in the minds of your readers. Finally, do not forget to upload a headshot of the author as it builds reliability. This is very important for guests blogging as your blogs will be rejected without a headshot.

Organize your post with proper headers and bullet points

Your blog post or any contents of your site’s page may look dreary if no headings are given. Headings, subheadings and bullet points should be added wherever necessary otherwise your post may look vague. Imprecise contents may deviate your customers and your target audience may find it annoying to read your contents. Preparing your contents will render a systematic and organized way of reading. Make sure your contents are readable with relevant subheadings which enables your readers to share and comment. Moreover, subheaded contents win over large long paragraphs.

Make use of online writing tools

There is a number of free writing tools online, that let you present faultless contents. No one is interested to read contents with grammatical errors and duplicate content. It would be awful for your reader to see messy contents with incorrect sentences and words. Therefore utilize writing tools like -Grammarly and Copyscape that help you with grammar correction and plagiarism checks.

Update contents frequently

Posting contents frequently on your website and social media pages will build reliability. Readers find you trustworthy and they rely on your page for valuable information. You can’t retain your readers if you post less or inconsistently. Updating contents with the industries current happenings will drive more visitors and new readers to your page. If you lose the flow of your contents, you will lose your readers.

Create call to action(CTA)

Add a call to action on your site to get your readers action. Call to action is a marketing strategy that can build your customers and increase sales. Make sure you add a call to action on any pages of your website, emails and at the end of your blogs. Here is a common call to action phrases at your glance:

  • Limited supply
  • Closing soon
  • Today only
  • Last chance
  • Offer ends on “date”
  • Hurry
  • Immediately
  • Now

Analyse and monitor

If your content is not good, your site may have high bounce rate. Make sure you keep an eye on statistics and how your website is performing. If your website performance is poor, find where you went wrong and try to rectify it as soon as possible. Use Google Analytics to frequently monitor your website traffic, page views, and clicks.

Make your contents are shareable

It is imperative that you write shareable contents which are relevant and related to your niche. Give valuable information and anticipate the needs of your readers. Write viral contents so that your readers share with their friends and family. If you need your contents to be appealing hire a professional content writer. For easy sharing, add social media button at the bottom of your posts.

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