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The 6 Most Successful ways to Earn Money With Hostgator India Affiliate Program

December 1, 2017, Written by 0 comment

Are you a blogger? Is your website damn good with high traffic? If yes, you can earn money from your website. There are lots of viable options to earn money online and Hostgator India affiliate program is one of it. Before we dive into the topic, let us know a little about Hostgator.

Hostgator is award-winning web host launcher October 2002. There are over 9 million names hosted with Hostgator. The company is the subsidiary of  Endurance International Group (EIG) who also owns many other web hosts. In early 2012, Hostgator has established its brand in India and has emerged as the true web hosting provider.

How does the affiliate program work?

Hostgator India affiliate program is great for you and your visitors. The affiliate program works simple and perfect. Using your website, personal networks, and other approved channels you promote Hostgator services. You will be provided with several banners and text link to fit the layout of your website. Whenever your visitors click the banners or links they will be directed to Hostgator affiliate site and the affiliate software will track their activity. If your visitors buy any of the Hostgator’s web hosting plans you will be rewarded with a commission of Rs. 3000 per sale.

Why choose Hostgator India affiliate program?

Hostgator is the only web host that provides the highest commission in the industry. Moreover, your visitors will receive fabulous deals from the web hosting providers where you earn money for each qualifying sales. For each signup you get Rs. 3000. Sounds good right? Sign up and start earning money.

Here are the top reasons to choose Hostgator India affiliate program.

Monthly payments

Each month you will receive your payments based on the number of referrals received. With each qualifying signup, you earn Rs. 3000. The payment modes are via PayPal or ACH and check.

Free membership

Joining Hostgator India affiliate program is absolutely free. You can just signup easy-peasy.

Easy to promote

Hostgator is one of the top web hostings companies in the world with more than two million customers. Hostgator services are reliable and credible, which means that you can promote Hostgator brand easily without much effort. As HostGator’s servers are fast with 99.9% uptime and all these striking features make them stand ahead from competitors.

All in one solution for affiliates

Hostgator provides impeccable services for all domains and web hosting needs. Therefore your visitors don’t have to seek other web hosting companies for various services. Hostgator is the best for affiliate programs compared to any other in the industry.

Earn big

Hostgator India pays ₹1,250-3,000 per sale. The more you visitors you send to our website, the more you earn. If you achieve 21 sales a month, you affiliate 63000 every month. There is absolutely no cost to you to be a Hostgator affiliate and the earning potential is substantial.

Sign up for Hostgator India affiliate program and start earning money now. If you have any other queries regarding the affiliate program comment below.

Gifty Narkani

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