Cloud Hosting


Hostgator the renowned web hosting company has launched its new cloud hosting with robust functionalities. It is a premium hosting with loads of features that empower your sites to run faster and more securely than ever before.

Hostgator Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the latest technology in hosting that is fast, reliable and affordable. Cloud hosting works by using multiple servers, which prevents overload of servers. Thus the servers are fast with great uptime and performance.

Hostgator cloud hosting is meant for its reliability, scalability, and flexibility, making it ultimate for businesses and websites. Hostgator cloud hosting is 2X faster and 4X more scalable. Hostgator provides their customers with three cloud hosting plans namely- Hatchling Cloud, Baby Cloud, Business Cloud.

Hatchling cloud

Hatchling cloud offers you a single domain with price starting at $4.95/month. This plan provides 2GB memory and 2 core CPU. It also gives you unlimited subdomains, bandwidth, and storage.

Baby cloud

This plan offers you unlimited domains, subdomains, bandwidth, and storage. This plan starts at $7.95/month with 4GB memory and 4 core CPU.

Business cloud

Business cloud is packed with great features and comes with access to six cores and six GB of RAM. The features are unlimited similar to baby cloud plan. You get free Private SSL & IP with business cloud plan. The plan starts at Starts at $9.95/month.

Well, let’s talk about the advantages of using cloud hosting. Hostgator promised high-performance with cloud hosting. But is it really worth trying Hostgator cloud hosting? Let’s have a look.

Pros of Hostgator cloud hosting

Hostgator suggest their customers launch their website with the impressive hosting- Cloud hosting.

Great Uptime of 99.99%

A website performance is marked by its uptime which should be up & running, stable and consistent. Hostgator cloud hosting is apparent with 99.99% which is considered to be .20% better than the industry average. That’s the best uptime when compared with other hosts. It is also noted that the downtime for the HostGator Cloud was less than an hour of time.

Amazing speed

The page load time is simply perfect for Hostgator cloud! The premium hardware and low-density servers provide 2X faster load times. The Hostgator cloud speed is 504ms whereas the speed is 1059ms with other hosts in the industry. Unlike many other competitors, the speed seems to be stable and fast. Your website content will be lightning-fast which omits delays.

4X More Scalable

Yes, Hostgator cloud hosting is 4X more scalable. One simple click is all you need to do as your online presence grows. No data migrations, downtime or reboots noted. The bar on server allocation and management in the cloud is improved for better performance. You won’t get any service interruption and you can respond to those large traffic spikes.

Intuitive Dashboard

The dashboard is naturally cool! Hostgator cloud dashboard is very simple to use. You don’t have to be kinda techy to use the features of the dashboard. The perfect dashboard tracks your performance metrics such as uptime, loading speeds, and global reach. The intuitive dashboard manages and tracks your site performance gather information, and keep an eye on all your important metrics.

Cons of HostGator Cloud Hosting

There are lots of features that make us like Hostgator cloud hosting. Previously, we have looked at the positive points of cloud hosting but they also have some downsides. Here are the cons of Hostgator cloud hosting.

Pricing Tricks

Web hosting companies are a bit tricky with their hosting plans which can be dissatisfying. It is the same with Hostgator cloud hosting too. The renewal pricing plans are quite high when compared to initial prices.

No social media support

Hostgator do not support their web hosting services on social platforms. You may be the person so found on Twitter and Facebook? Unfortunately, Hostgator do not support you as their social channels are non-responsive. Instead, you will be redirected to their live support team.