Dedicated Servers


Dedicated Servers

Hostgator the well-known web hosting company provides dedicated hosting for large corporations and organization where their website traffic is very high. Hostgator dedicated hosting is designed to satisfy the needs of bloggers and big companies that provide ultimate web hosting performance.

Dedicated hosting

Do you want your website to be fast? Website speed can make and break your business. If your customers notice your site loading speed is slow, they are likely to abandon your site. Here dedicated servers come in the role which fastens your loading time drastically. Dedicated hosting is meant for the high trafficked website.

Dedicated Servers Highlights:

Full root access

DDOS protection

24/7/365 Live support

Unlimited databases

Fully redundant network

3-5 Dedicated IPv4 IPs

RAID-1 configuration

Dedicated hosting servers and plans

HostGator allows you to use either Linux or Windows servers. The difference is that Linux servers allow you to easily access and alter codes which is much difficult with windows servers. Windows has a dedicated team of support staff for assistance whereas Linux customer support is the online community.

Dedicated servers plans

There are four different plans with Dedicated servers namely  Basic, Standard, Elite, and Pro. The plan pricing is same for both Linux and Windows. The basic plan starts at $60.90/month and the elite plan starts at $97.65/month.

To help you decide whether to choose Dedicated servers or not, let us look more into the pros and cons of Dedicated servers.

Pros of Dedicated servers

Here are the good things about Dedicated servers.

Maximum Performance

With a dedicated server, you have required full system resources directly at your disposal. Flexible server configurations make it easy for you to choose what’s best for your website and both HDD and SSD hard drive options available. IP-based firewall and data center level DDOS secures your server with ultimate performance.

WHMCS & cPanel

The management tools like WHMCS & cPanel are included in the Dedicated hosting plans. Both tools are useful for hosting-specific functions and overall server configuration.  WHMCS is a web hosting automation platform that easily allows you to handle everything related to client communication, billing, and domain management. cPanel is most popularly meant for its reliability and ease-of-use.

Programming Languages and Modules

The programming languages supported by HostGator’s dedicated hosting services include Perl, Fast CGI, SSI, CGI, PHP 5, Ruby,  and Python. As far as programming modules, CPAN, Curl, ImageMagick, and GD Library are all supported.


Hostgator offers 24/7/365 support to all of their hosting clients. Phone, live chat, and ticket support are all included with Dedicated hosting. One of the best parts of HostGator customer support is their online support portal. The portal features hundreds of tutorials and helpful articles where you can easily find solutions to whatever you are looking for. They also have a very active forum and online community where their hundreds of thousands of users discuss different issues that pop up.

Cons of Dedicated servers

Here are the few cons of Dedicated servers

Not the cheapest

The pricing plans are quite expensive with Dedicated hosting.

Slow customer support

Some of the reviews online show that their customer service is slow.

Not as many freebies

No many freebies offered with Dedicated servers when compared with other hosting servers.


Dedicated servers are the best for medium-larger business with high-traffic websites. Customers can enjoy maximum configuration, installation, customization, and overall flexibility.